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Anders Osborne is young singer/songwriter and guitarist. He got his first taste of success when he performed in the local incendiary live shows held throughout New Orleans. This talented artist was born in 1966 in Sweden. His inclination can be understood from the fact that his father was a professional drummer and a die-hard jazz fan.

His father was an avid performer himself. He played in clubs across Europe in the 1960s. This is how Anders got his first dose of famous jazz tunes and music on a whole. He was greatly inspired by the popular singer/songwriters of the 1960s and '70s. He also grew up in a jazz oriented atmosphere but he found his calling in blues music. After sharpening his basic skills in music, he traveled throughout the world. He earned money from his live shows and finally settled in New Orleans.
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This musical maestro blends funk, soul, blues and classic R&B to create a his own original and distinctive music. His acclaimed debut album "Which Way to Here" was recorded under the Okey/Sony label and released worldwide in 1995. His next two albums were independent releases.

Anders issued "Live at Tipitina" in 1998 and followed it up with "Living Room" the very next next year. In 2002, he released "Bury The Hatchet." Come and experience the magic of this talented artists. He will charm you with his melodies, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets to his concerts.


Bury The Hatchet - 2002
Living Room - 1999
Live At Tipitina's - 1998
Break The Chain - 1996
Which Way To Here - 1995
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