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Amy Ray's musical career took off in with a basement recording called Tuesday's Children in 1981. She became known in the Atlantic music scene when she teamed up with Emily Sailers while in high school. Both of their passions and desires for great music led the two to meet and become a successful duo. In 1988 the signed to Epic Records and sold millions of albums and garnered numerous awards over the years. Together they founded the group Indigo Girls who are known for voicing their political and social views in song. More importantly, they expressed themselves creatively, poetically, politically, and spiritually.
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Ray and Saliers took the activist songs and the gleeful, breezy, music-for-the-sake-of-music songs to the masses as part of their 1997 Honor the Earth Tour. To keep her feet in the underground music scene and to inspire her sense of what music means to her and the Indigo Girls, Amy Ray founded not -for-profit Daemon Records. Eventually Ray wants to expand the Daemon boundaries to include grants to promote arts other than music. She thinks a grant will seem less tainted coming from Daemon than from some purely commercial corporation. In 2000, Amy Ray went solo and says that going solo was something she had to do to explore her multi-faceted tastes for the tune. She did so successfully. Amy's musical and lyrical versatility is thick throughout her solo record Stag. Going solo not only has allowed Amy to move in a new direction by getting back to some of her fondest roots, but it gave her the opportunity to work with some top-notch bands. Ever since the duo broke out of Atlanta in 1987 with Strange Fire, they've held court with some of the industry's most impressive talents, been nominated for five Grammy's, and won one of the top honors.
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