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Amos Lee is one of the popular singer/songwriter who emerged from the folk scene during the era of '70s. Right from the days of his childhood he had an inclination towards music. The talented artist drew his inspiration from some of the industry's renowned and prestigious artists such as Bill Withers, John Prine, Neil Young and James Taylor.

This Philadelphia based native got more inclined towards music at the time he was in his college, where he want to perform in front of live audience. Amos pursued his studies at the University of South Carolina in the period of mid-'90s. It was only after completing his graduation that he took music as a serious affair. But, initially he used to teach as an English teacher at the elementary school.

However, his life was a series of struggling events, as he never landed up doing one kind of job. He also worked as a bar tender for a couple of years. But, after that he fully devoted himself in songwriting and practiced as much as was necessary to develop his skills. Soon after a stage came in his life that he found himself as one of the rising stars of the folk music scene in the music industry.
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Amos Lee got an opportunity to go on tour with the famous pianist/vocalist Norah Jones, after which he released his eponymous debut titled "Blue Note," in the year of 2005. The artist have done several shows and have a tremendous fan base all over the world.

So if you want to watch him performing live, just buy his concert tickets from the online ticket vendor and enjoy the thrilling vocals of this magnificent artist.
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