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The American Idol Live 2014 Tour will be taking place this summer and many people are looking forward to witnessing as music stars are made. The tour is expected to consist of over twenty five shows throughout the United States and Canada. The popularity of this reality show is attributed to the fact that in the past years it has always produced new music stars with some proceeding to establish successful careers in music. This year's shows will feature popular judges who have been selected carefully with the main criteria used to select the judges being their knowledge and experience in music. Some of the judges have been featured in the past tours and are expected to play a primary role in making the tour entertaining. 

The competitors in this year's American idol tour are the ten finalist of season thirteen. The competitors had to show case their music talents and skills so that they could reach this stage. Initially there were many competitors but only the finalists remained and hence viewers of the shows can expect to enjoy music from some of the best talents. The competitors have different skills and these skills are what has made them popular amongst both the judges and the fans. As a result, the tour is expected to have some of the best music talents and hence it will surely be enjoyable.

In the past seasons the American Idols tours have been held in big venues. This has been attributed to the fact that this is one of the most popular reality show and many people looks for an opportunity to attend the shows. The big venues were selected to accommodate as many fans as possible. However, this year's tour is to be held in smaller venues such as performing arts halls and theaters. As a result the shows will not be having as many people as before. However, this is not expected to deter fans who want to enjoy the shows since they can still get access to the smaller venues. Therefore, the American idol live 2014 is expected to give fans an opportunity to watch as music stars are made.

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