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The founding members of Ambrosia grew up in Southern California in the area of South Bay, later adopting San Pedro as their home town. Their earliest musical influences came from The Beach Boys and The Beatles. In an early manifestation of the band, Joe Puerta and David Pack began to experiment with harmonies. The members of the band chose the name because it depicts their vision of their music, all the shades, textures, colors and styles. The songs on their five albums range also to progressive and experimental, and they are as comfortable with ballads as with driving rock and roll. They can be serious, they can be humorous at times, but the music is rich, the harmonies are beautifully-blended, and even after twenty years it sounds just as good. After Christopher North and Burleigh Drummond joined, the four attended a show at the Whiskey a Go-Go to see the band that would change their perception of music forever, King Crimson.
A little known fact is Ambrosia's connection with The Alan Parsons Project. Alan Parsons himself was the engineer for Ambrosia's first album and the producer for their second; all four members of Ambrosia played on the first Alan Parsons Project album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination , which was recorded soon after Ambrosia's first album. David Pack appears on the Alan Parsons Project album Try Anything Once, in 1993, co-writing, playing and providing vocals on two songs. Ambrosia is still together with the original four members, and they've been doing live performances for a number of years. There have been no new albums since 1982, but they have continued to write and perform new material. In 1993, Ambrosia reunited for some live appearances. Notable among their appearances was the "Children Under Siege" benefit concert, for the children of Bosnia-Herzegovina, at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on October 14, 1993.
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