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Amber Pacific of America is a pop punk band. Band was formed in 2002 by three boys of high school. It was formed with a different name Follow Through and used to perform locally in their hometown of Seattle. Boys wrote songs on subjects like friendship, loss and love. Currently Amber Pacific consists of members Matt on vocals, drums by Dango, bass by Greg, and Will on guitar and locals. Young members of Amber Pacific in very less time have been able to develop a faithful fan following. Their concerts are fun loving and all members give a very energetic performances which is very much enjoyed by their fans. Tickets for their concerts can be bought from Online Seats.

Amber Pacific has today been able to develop a special place in hearts of their fans. Members of Amber Pacific had once only dreamt of achieving so much success. Every summer they would attend The Vans Warped Tour and visited innumerable shows.
Martin Feveyear producer of Amber Pacific introduced band members to his friend. Amber Pacific greatly impressed him by their demos and he played instrumental role in getting a Record Label for them. Hopeless Records in January of 2004 signed them. Band members who were till now in confusion to chose what career were now firm for making a career in music. But just moments before signing to Hopeless Records their first drummer left the band for pursuing another career other then in music. With Warped Tour 2004 just few months away Amber Pacific held try-outs for a drummer. And they found their new drummer in form of Dango. "Fading Days" was their first EP released on Hopeless Records. Released on 25th May, 2005 it constituted of five songs " Thoughts Before Me", " Letters of Regret", " Always You", " Here We Stand: and " The Last Time".
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In June they gave a fantastic performance in The Vans Warped Tour 2004 . The Vans Warped Tour 2004 had a significant effect on band. They garnered lot fans in this tour. For tour Amber Pacific worked very hard giving almost 14 hrs of a day practicing in their tent, on stage and parking lot. After completion of Warped Tour they came back home and soon started writing and demoing songs. These songs were released in their first full-length release tilted "The Possibility and The Promise". For album with Feveyear they started working in studio in December 2004. With Feveyear they spent about seven weeks in studio and working hard for releasing perfect album. For it Will said "Our big goal was to not have any filler songs on the album. We wanted to be able to listen to it all the way through without having a gut feeling to skip certain tracks".
"The Possibility and The Promise" was released on 25th May, 2005 again with Hopeless Records. And this time with twelve songs " For what It's Worth", "Always You (Good Times0", " The Right to Write Me Off", " Everything We Were Has Become What We Are", " Poetically Pathetic", " Save Me from Me", " Can't Hold Back", " The Sky Could Fall Tonight", " Falling Away", " Gone So Young", " Postcards" and " If I Fall".
After the release they again performed in Vans Warped Tour 2005. This time they rotated between Smart Punk and Volcom stages. Amber Pacific toured a lot for "The Possibility & The Promise".

Amber Pacific have created waves in music industry with their albums, tours and through Vans Wrapped Tour.
They are definitely band of future. Book tickets for their tours and concerts with us.
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