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Those of you who like rock real raw, there is nothing better than Alter Bridge whose sound is an eccentric intermixing of 1970s classic rock with some elegant contemporary hard rock. The band has becoming increasingly popular and has a devoted fan following across countries. Their shows are a huge hit every time it is organized and this time also the expectations are the same, so book your tickets before anyone has to show you the full house sign! In fact you can book your tickets from the comfort of your home right here, right now i.e. online booking.

Alter Bridge was formed by teaming up the likes of the highly talented Mark Tremonti who incidentally was the former lead guitarist of Creed, Brian Marshall who plays bass, Scott Phillips who does the drums and Myles Kennedy as the lead vocalist Alter Bridge came up with their debut album One Day Remains in early 2004, which included the widely acclaimed single 'Open Your Eyes'. There is a very profoundly raw rock 'n roll feels to the band as when compared with Creed. Though many of the tracks begin with a guitar introduction, it is no way another clone of Creed. Myles Kennedy is a tenor singer, which gives the band a more of a cutting edge type feel and a sharp edgy variety.
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The enormous variety in different eclectic sounds that Alter Bridge comes out simply delights the audience. When the band belts out its poignant number 'One Day Remains',many of us are encouraged not to give up if things get difficult but to have true faith in oneself. However some of the songs give out an entirely different message like the popular 'Open Your Eyes,' where the soulful singer reflects that he finds it difficult to have trust. Many of their tracks are deeply philosophical in nature. There is a sense of introspection and intense reflection on subjects like religion and human existence that comes out strikingly through their songs. The best part about the band is that they can intermingle such intellectual stuff with some very elegant rock melody. When you watch them perform on stage 'Watch Your Words' one can feel images of light and darkness rising and the strength of faith.

Many refer to Alter Bridge as one of the best rock groups performing out there right now. The band always gives a very engrossing performance every time it goes on stage.
The number of wildly ecstatic fans that can be seen at their concert is a testament to their poignantly addictive music. So get your tickets and also for your loved ones and swing to some terrific musical beats and soak up the experience.
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