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All That Remains of the original metalcore band from Springfield, Massachusetts is lead singer Philip Labonte and guitarist Oli Herbert. Yes, any metal or hard rock group that has been together since 1998 and is not simply operating as a group fueled by the millions paying for a little bit of nostalgia is going to have its share of lineup changes. So, throughout the years the group members have remained inconsistent, but that sound that continues to sell All That Remains tickets and albums persists.

Currently, as of 2010 and as of the release of the latest album, For We Are Many, the band lineup stars Labonte as the lead singer, Herbert and Mike Martin as dual guitarists, Jeanne Sagan on bass, and Jason Cost on drums. The original 1998 lineup had Labonte, Herbert, guitarist Chris Bartlett, bassist Dan Egan, and drummer Michael Bartlett. Those five found each other after Labonte sought to form a group to capitalize on a cult classic album from Shadow Falls, his previous band, which he was asked to depart.

It took four years, but All That Remains managed to release a studio debut in 2002. Behind Silence and Solitude proved to be a moral victory alone, as the album failed to earn any certification and did not chart. It was not until 2006, with the release of group's third album, the Fall of Ideals, that All That Remains finally found a place on the charts. It peaked at number 75 in on the Billboard 200 and would sell 200,000 units, making it the most successful album chart-wise and commercially up to that point.

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Overcome (2008) would surpass both those numbers, peaking at number 16 on the Billboard 200 and selling 220,000 albums. All that Remains has had a decent response after the release of For We Are Many. The fifth studio album has peaked at number 10 so far and has sold 29,000 albums to date.

Though All That Remains has always struggled with success defined by the charts and album sales, they remain an unquestioned force on the road. All that Remain tickets sell quickly in every town, so visit OnlineSeats and find cheap concert tickets to see this metalcore group in person.

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