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Enter Alkaline Trio, circa 1997. Right out of the gate, the kids realized that while this may still be loosely categorized as "pop-punk," it's a full step beyond. There's a dark side to this band, a world-weariness, and some honest-to-whoever honesty all balled up into a completely kinetic force. Even the jaded fucks can't help but sing along to those two different-but-perfectly-complementary voices, singer/guitarist Matt Skiba's triumphant rasp and singer/bassist Dan Andriano's more measured, sweet croon as they combine to completely wreck audiences with bittersweet songs about love and loss, drugs and drink, God and Satan, happiness and pain. All of this comes from three young guys, about as many chords, and a healthy supply of beer, cigarettes, and heartbreak.

Alkaline Trio is a pop-punk/punk rock band from Chicago consisting of Matt Skiba (of Jerkwater) on guitar/vocals, Dan Andriano on bass/vocals, and Derek Grant on drums. Their music is characterized by morbid lyrics, catchy hooks, fast tempos and a recurring theme of alcoholism, and death
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The band formed in December of 1996 (see 1996 in music). They began recording that year, and built up a sizable fan base in the American Midwest. Their first album was 1998's Goddamnit, followed by Maybe I'll Catch Fire in 2000 (Both on Asian Man Records). Also in 2000, the band released a collection of their previously released EPs on the album The Alkaline Trio. Joined by new drummer Mike Felumlee (previously of the Smoking Popes, now of Squirtgun), From Here to Infirmary was released in 2001 on Vagrant Records and was their first album to see any interest from alternative radio, with the semi-hit punk single "Stupid Kid". Their next full-length album was Good Mourning, from 2003 (see 2003 in music). They have also appeared on various compilation albums notably Plea for Peace Vol. 1 & 2 as well on Vagrant Records: Another year on the Streets Vol. 1,2, and 3, and Rock Against Bush Vol. 1. Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano have both appeared on Asian Man Records Split Series with a few solo songs, as well as jointly appearing on backing vocal duties on the album This is Unity Music by Common Rider. They also did compilation albums only with Hot Water Music in 2000 and One Man Army in 2004.

Alkaline Trio released their new Vagrant Records album titled Crimson on May 24th, 2005, which featured the song "Time to Waste." The single for this song also included bonus tracks produced by Common Rider bassist Mass Giorgini.

Alkaline Trio are part of a large circle of Chicago punk/ska/hardcore bands. Andriano previously played bass in the influential ska-punk band Slapstick, and the emo/indie band Tuesday, as well as singing lead for the latter. Skiba played drums for the Chicago punk outfit The Traitors. Other artists in this family tree include: The Broadways, The Lawrence Arms, The Honor System and, more tenuously, Florida's Less Than Jake.
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