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Alien Ant Farm is one of the most path breaking bands to emerge in the metal scene and is widely recognized for their distinctively distinct flavor. The band is increasingly getting popular and its shows are widely awaited. For those of you who want to check out this remarkable band; be sure to book your tickets online in advance.

This alternate metal foursome Alien Ant Farm was formed in the early 1996 with the charismatic singer and songwriter Dryden Mitchell teaming up with guitarist Terry Corso, Tye Zamora who went to do the base, and talented drummer Mike Cosgrove. Terry however left the band in 2004 and was replaced by Joe Hill. The group was catapulted into the limelight in 2000 when their first album ANThology was released. It received rave reviews for its remarkable collection of great tracks. Beginning with the brutal opening 'Courage' which touched a raw nerve to the poignant final track, 'Universe,' the album came across as a solid collection of powerful, heartfelt and hilarious songs. The opening track 'Courage' is obviously a standout simply for the presence of some amazing bass, which overshadows the whole song and equally great vocals by Dryden. Their famous rendition of 'Smooth Criminal' originally performed by Michael Jackson is a delight to hear. Dryden does manage incorporate a pretty interesting element in this track which makes it quite different from the original. The poignant 'summer' is one of the tracks that take time to be absorbed but once you get a hang of this track; you simply cannot keep help singing it. Some of the other great tracks include Attitude, the eclectic Whisper.
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After the launch of their successful studio album the band began touring from late 2001. This very year, saw their cover version of the popular Michael Jackson song, Smooth Criminal, topping the charts. It was a #1 single on the music charts in Australia and New Zealand and also managed to become #3 single in the UK. Alien Ant Farm is also recognized for their powerful live performances. Hearing them live is an experience. The performances are admired for some truly amazing guitars and accompanied by the bass which is most noteworthy. The drums work in perfect unison and seamlessly gel with the guitars and the result is praiseworthy. The vocals by Dryden Vera are really good and he works well within his range. The lyrics are quirky mixture which tends to move from beautifully deep and at times intentionally silly.

The band's riffs and lyrics mix in a way that is very enjoyable. There is no question you'll be singing along to your favorites. So get ticket for yourself and your friends and experience the eccentric metal flavor of Alien Ant Farm.
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