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Hailing from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, Alexisonfire is a five-membered post-hardcore band which was resulted from three band break ups. This band was founded in 2001 by five friends. The current line-up of the band is including George Pettit on Vocals, Dallas Green on Guitar, vocals, piano, Wade MacNeil on Guitar, vocals, Chris Steele on Bass Guitar and Jordan "Ratbeard" Hastings on Drums. The music of the band is unique and described as quite aggressive and energetic. The sound is extraordinary and distinctive because of contributions by the extremes of multiple vocalists, with Dallas Green contributing melody with his soft singing, polar-opposite explosive screaming of George Pettit, and Wade MacNeil rendering his punk rock vocals to the concoction. The band has done many improvements in its style over the years. The band's lyrics have evolved, with subject matters from go-karting and relationship disturbances. Regarding music, the band has developed a more mature and available sound. A unique shift and stylistic progression can be heard and noticed in its most recent music video.

Though oblivious people still follow the popular belief regarding the band's name spelling, the band is correctly pronounced as "Alexis On Fire" not "Alex Is On Fire". The co-founder of the popular Canadian online music magazine Bedlam Society, Joel Carriere manages the band with his skillful vision and direction. The band owns its own record label, Dine Alone Records. The latest album of Alexisonfire, "Crisis" released in 2006, has been way too successful, debuting at #1 on the Canadian charts. Currently, the band in the midst of their North American tour.
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Alexisonfire gave its first performance on march 27, 2001 in Denver, Colorado while being on tour. The name of the band is a kind of respect to Alexis Fire, who is claimed to be the only lactating contortionist stripper in world. Many problems and issues were raised when she found that they were using her website name as their band name, and threatened to sue. But nothing came out these claims because she had never proprietorship of the title and so nothing became of these threats. The first EP "Math Sheet Demos" was released by the band in 2002. It was named this way because the CD was wrapped in Jesse Ingelevics' math homework, former drummer of the band. The same year, they released their first, self-titled studio album "Alexisonfire". The band was not noticed initially and lacked any kind of response for its album. They couldn't get any radio airtime for their work. This ignorance continues to stand true even today irrespective of their popularity. As a result, they broke out, attaining infamy in the underground, and finally mainstream with the significant support of MuchMusic.

One very noticeable thing to mention is that each member of Alexisonfire has the word "Yeti" tattooed on themselves. Everybody got these tattoos done in Glasgow, Scotland in October 2005 when the group was on tour with Johnny Truant and The Blood Roses. Even members of Johnny Truant and The Blood Roses group also have the same tattoo. Recently, on an episode of The New Music, George and Dallas revealed that they inspired for their "Yeti" tattoos from the 1988 Gary Oldman film "The Firm".
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