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Alessia Cara Tickets

When it comes to new music, Canada is giving the world some of the best singers/songwriters and music professionals of all times. Some top musicians like Drake and Justin Beiber come from Canada. Another rising young pop singer, Alessia Cara is emerging, and the world is quite familiar with her acoustic guitar perfection. Amazingly, Cara is only nineteen years, and he has already grabbed the attention of many music lovers and producers. There is an Alessia Cara Tour that has already been announced to go down from January 2016 to April the same year. 

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About Cara
She was born in July 1996 as Alessia Caracciolo, in Canada. Cara is a singer/songwriter that is considered one of the most promising musicians. Currently, she is signed to Def Jam Recordings and EP Entertainment. She is well known for her hit single, Here, which came from her premiere album, Know It All. The Song was ranked in the top twenty in the charts in Canada and around the US. Before she finally signed to EP and Def Jam, Cara was initially known for her acoustic song covers that she posted on her YouTube channel. It is believed that this was another aspect that drew the attention of many music producers. 

The Beginning of Her Career
Cara’s career began when she sang the acoustic covers on her YouTube channel. She has been featured on some radio stations, like Mix 104.1 Boston, where she took part in the 15 Seconds of Fame program. Many people have compared Cara to artists like Adina Howard, Norah Jones, and Farrah Franklin. Her singing style has been described as a smooth blue-eyed soul that has a silky voice. 

The Turning Point
Everything changed when Cara joined Def Jam and EP Entertainment when she was barely eighteen. This was earlier in April this year, 2015. She released her first single via Def Jam in April. Here was her debut single that is considered a song for anyone that secretly dislikes parties. The Here song was featured in The FADER. Also, it gained more than 500,000 streams within the first week. Here was produced by Sebastian Kole and Pop & Oak. 

Here’ Comes Cara
Cara was known when her song, Here, was produced. In the song, she explains how she hates parties. The song was selected as a must-have track on May 5th. Spin Magazine listed it as a track not to miss in the top list. Also, Cosmopolitan listed the song as a Must Hear Song. Complex named the song among the best Canadian songs of April 2015. The song was also listed in the 20 pop songs for the summer selections in the Billboard in June, this year. She made her first television appearance when she performed her hit on Jimmy Fallon’s night show. The song was also nominated for a Streamy Award in the Original Song category. She later on released an EP, Four Pink Walls, which featured five hits. Here was one of the singles included in the EP. Later on, her premiere album, Know It All in November 2015. 

The Cover Hits 
Known well for her amazing work on the cover songs, Cara has made an impressive performance that featured some of the top celebrities. She once did a cover song for Taylor Swift’s hit, Bad Blood, along with Can’t Feel My Face by the Weekend. She was named the champion of cover songs of the Top 40 hits. Recently, she covered Love Yourself, a hit from Justin Beiber’s album, Purpose. She did an acoustic guitar facelift of the Love Yourself hit, and it had many views and Likes on Facebook. Other than her Beiber, Cara also covered her fellow Canadian, Drake’s hit. Hotline Bling is a hit from Drake and Cara did what she does best. 

Cara’s Public Appearances 
Cara wants to give her fans her best of performances. After releasing her premiere album, she intends to hold a tour from January 2016. Before that, Cara performed for her audience during the Halloween event. She played for 55,000 viewers when she was invited by Taylor Swift in the Tampa Halloween Show. 

The Unique artist
During the Halloween show, Swift interviewed Cara and the two performed together for the audiences. Taylor interviewed Cara, and the teenage singer said that she was more into music than image and hype. She cited that all that she wanted was finding a music label that would support her music career and take her as she is. Cara knows and believes that she has talent, and she has the right to dress and live life as she is. That is why she highly considers the record label that she wants to work with.

The Grande Tour 
Cara has never had any public tour, but she intends to hold her North America Tour in 2016. She will start the tour in January 2016 in Montreal. She has also announced that she will cover other cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Nashville. Just like Justin Beiber, Alessia Cara has a great love for her home country. This is why she has her first show going down in Montreal, and she will also make a stop in Toronto. She intends to wrap up her tour in New York, at the Edmonton’s Union Hall. As the Alessia Cara Tour is winding up in New York in April 2016, Beiber’s show will be warming up. Beiber is expected to commence his show on the 4th of April. It is not clear, but he could invite Cara to perform the Love Yourself hit together. 

Young, Energetic and Promising
The tour might be Cara’s first public tour, but with her amazing performance over the months, she is considered a promising artist that will deliver the best performance to her fans. Having covered some of the top songs of 2015, Cara could be making collaborations with those artists. She is also a determined artist that has been featured in some of the popular shows, like the Jimmy Fallon’s night show. Her tour is already selling tickets, and many people are willing to see her perform her original songs. The song Here is also one of the singles that will be featured on her tour, so there will be a lot of entertainment.

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