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Alejandra Guzman is one of Mexico's most lively, bold, talented and controversial rock singers. She is the daughter of the multitalented actress Silvia Pinal and early Spanish rock icon Enrique Guzman. She made her first TV appearance when she was just two months old. She spent her childhood preparing to be a well-known performer in her own right, singing, dancing and traveling with her mom's theatrical troupe. Following her mother's wishes, she didn't pursue a performing career fully until she finished school. After she graduated, the 17 year-old Guzman appeared in a production of Mame with her mother. From that day, she knew she wanted to be a singer. She has had an extremely passionate and dedicated fanbase throughout Latin America in the late 1980s and 1990s.
After teaming up with producer Miguel Blasco, Guzman recorded her debut album Bye Mama, which was number one in Mexico within days of its release. Alejandra won five different awards for Best New Artist and Bye Mama reached gold status. She was all Mexico could talk about and all they could hear on the radio. She wasted no time getting back to the studio and in 1989, released her sophomore project Dame tu Amor, which showed she was no one-hit wonder. To wit, she was recognized by the music industry for her rapid success and raked in a Best Singer of the Year award from ERES magazine.
She released albums almost yearly after her debut and enjoyed a large, enthusiastic fanbase throughout Latin America. Though Guzman encountered some personal problems in the mid- and late '90s, including a stay in rehab and a divorce, she brought her career full circle in 1998 by appearing onstage with her mother once more, this time in a production of Gypsy, and released her twelfth album Algo Natural in 1999. She has recorded 10 albums, and so far her biggest success has been her third album Eternamente Bella, which has sold over one million copies within a year of the release. She's also known as "La Reina del Rock", or the queen or Spanish rock. In 2002 she won a Latin Grammy for best female rock vocal performance with her SOY album.
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