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Albita Rodríguez came up with her first single in the U.S., 'Que Manera de Quererte' that means 'What a Way of Loving You' was released.

There was no full stop after the release of her solo album but yes there was a follow up that went hit. It was in the year 1995 that she came up with her another album that was No Se Parece a Nada meaning Unlike Anything Else that saw the daylight. The album was hit among the youths and was sold off like hot cakes from the shops and stores.

It won't be wrong to say that her decision to shift to US brought her glory and fame. Her career blossomed in U.S as she started producing over here. Even after gaining immense success, she does not to stop herself. She keeps on travelling and interacting with her fans by making her live performances on stage. Her tours are not limited to within the country but also outside the country. However, her centre of performance hovers around the Miami hub as it forms the core of her fan base.

  • Habra Musica Guajira (There Will Be Guajira Music) (1988)
  • Cantare (1992)
  • Si se da la siembra (1991)
  • No Se Parece a Nada (Unlike Anything Else) (1995)
  • Dicen Que (They Say That) (1996)
  • Una Mujer Como Yo (A Woman Like Me) (1997)
  • Son (Son) (2000)
  • Hecho a Mano (Handmade) (2002)
  • Albita Llego (Albita Is Here) (2004)
  • Albita Live (2006)
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May 12 Sat 8:00 PM Albita Miami Dade County Auditorium
Miami, FL
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Albita Rodríguez, mostly known with the name Albita, is a Grammy-winning Cuban singer who also happens to be a composer. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1962, she breathes music as her parents as well were renowned Cuban folk music singers. This is how Albita was exposed to the world of Cuban country music from her early years.

What made Albita gain immense fame and brought out her talent to the world was her album Albita Llego released in the year 2004 with the label Angels Down.

As she was exposed to the Cuban music from the very childhood, she started working with extreme professionalism from her very teen years. However, by the late eighties, she was being recognised in the field of Cuban Folk Music by the national interpreters of the country. Her stars clicked in the year 1988 when her first album Habra Musica Guajira (There Will Be Guajira Music) was released in 1988. This brought her immense popularity. As we all know, talent can never be restricted to one place, this budding talent also shifted her base. In the early nineties, she switched Colombia taking her work commitments seriously. Again this place seemed far away from her dream goals. And again she packed her bags and baggage and travelled to the United States. Here, she started exploiting her talent and made the southern city of Miami as her permanent residence.

Her journey here was not too simple. She did not get some big offer at her initial days and had to struggle hard. She performed at a Spanish food restaurant in Miami for some time. Many renowned figures of the entertainment world used to mark their presence here. Eventually, Albita's talent was brought to fore in front of them and even they have had the opportunity to appreciate her work.

After rendering her performances in restaurants, her destiny took some quick turns as she was signed by Emilio Estefan's Crescent Moon label in 1994.
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