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It would not be wrong to say that Albert Cummings is a man of his times and also the man for the times. He is the person who has introduced a musical soul to the bodyless music through his superb experiments. His innovativeness is what has taken him onto the artist of a different category. Taking traditionalism and modernism together in music with right synergy is a challenging task, but he was the one who did it with perfect balance and consequently it went as a hit. He brought his own thoughts and dreams into his music and it paid in the end. His music has an equal feeling of excitement and sooth that also shows his future that's going to be great.

He broke each and every cliche associated with the blues. No matter what people said, he went on to produce some of the most powerful music of the 21st century that came as a natural substance to his fans. He also won many awards.

Enormous tours and shows along with blues legends B B King, Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy and many others presented his music in front of the audiences. He had a music that has immense depth in it and it gave an opportunity that was to be rocked hard by a man who possessed to play each song feeling as his life depended on it. Albert's summer of 2006 blockbuster release, Working Man (Blind Pig), in general is the culmination of a guitar hero's career just taking off.
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Mar 10 Sat 8:00 PM Albert Cummings Shank Hall
Milwaukee, WI
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Mar 17 Sat 9:00 PM Albert Cummings Sam's Burger Joint
San Antonio, TX
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Mar 20 Tue 8:00 PM Albert Cummings One World Theatre
Austin, TX
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Apr 28 Sat 8:00 PM Albert Cummings The Funky Biscuit
Boca Raton, FL
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Albert Cummings was born in 1968. He is a well known blues guitarist hailing from Williamstown, Massachusetts. Being a fourth generation builder, his first album, From the Heart, was backed-up by Double Trouble.

He learned the basics of guitar playing from his father. But then again, his interest switched to playing banjo when he was just 12. At this juncture, he became a fan of bluegrass music.

He started presenting his shows on stage while going to festivals. He also won several contests in high school.

Even before he completed his graduation, he became a fan of recordings of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Then, in the year 1987, he saw Vaughan perform live and then he decided to follow his footsteps. Eventually, he took to guitar with a new outlook and resolved to be a star. As his family was into the home building business, he firstly completed his course into the building trade.

As Albert knew to hold on to new challenges, he jumped into the musical arena when he was 27. This is an age when the musicians either get themselves established or put their dream aside for the realities of life.

He had to do wood shedding for a long period and then only he could something concrete in his hand. Albert started sharing a bill with Double Trouble, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section

Bassist Tommy Shannon and drummer Chris Layton were very much impressed by the fire and passion of Albert. Eventually, they volunteered to play on and produce his debut recording.

It was in the year 2003 when the aptly-titled From the Heart (Under the Radar), with the awesome power of a Nor'easter blended with the soul of a natural born artist was released. B.B. King, who Cummings acknowledged with a funky version of "Rock Me, Baby," dubbed him as "…a great guitarist."

He proved that it is the talent that works in the long run and not the wardrobe. Soon after a year, he was resigned by Double Trouble who joined Cummings again. At this juncture, Cummings had signed with Blind Pig Records to create True to Yourself.
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