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Alan Tam Wing Lun is well known Hong Kong Cantopop singeras well as a renowned film actor. Tam was born on 23 August 1952. He was very famous as a romantic ballad singer in Hong Kong at the the time of golden age of Cantopop. He was not known for singing fast songs as his fellow singers Cantopop star Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui used to sing. Another names given to him by his fans was 'Lucky Lun' and his lovesome title 'Principal' as if he were the principal of a Hong Kong school.
Tam initiated his career by joining a famous band "Wynners". In that band another member was a well known singer Kenny Bee was also there. In Wynners, tam proved to be a great vocal which made the band more lovable among its fans. He remained the lead singer of the band for many years. Many of his super hits with band are heard even today. Though he became the lead singer of the band, but he was very dissatisfied with the rate of progress, his career was going on. He compared his career with the glorious career and fame of his fellow Kenny Bee , He decided to take a risky and important step. With this harsh step, he left the band "Wynners" and initiated again his career as a solo artist. He released his first album as a solo artist in 1979. The album "Naughty Boy" was a moderate success but the song "Love in Autumn" performed by Tam in 1984 bagged him a great success that pushed his career on a path of fame.

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Tam remained in news and fame for many years enjoying his gradual success. While he was performing his best as a solo artist, the Hong Kong press often rumored of a ferocious competition with Leslie Cheung who was gaining a "bad boy" image among the crowds. On the other hand, Alan Tam was personifying his well known "goody two shoes". The super hit song by Alan "Friends" in 1986 which gave a more hype to the so called rivalry between these equally and highly favored artists . Though there were many rumors and news about their competition but these two musicians never admitted or shows their conflict with each other in public. They both worked together in collaboration in 2000, and produced single remix of "Illusion", a famous song of Tam. By this combined performance, it seemed that these two artists were not having any particular competition and were at peace with each other. But the fan-base of both, created the superfluous sight of a musical conflict which was promptly reported by the Hong Kong press which provided more fuel to the fire. Leslie Cheung personally admitted that The earlier decision by Tam to retire in 1989 was not good for his career and disturbed the things to a large extent. However, when Cheung returned, Both the artists cleared their misunderstandings and doubts regarding their friendship and performed together in many galas and other programs.
Tam stood himself at a good height in the world of music with many of his hits including "Embrace", "'Flower in Water", "Half Dazed, Half Awoken"and the famous one "Love Trap" in 1980s. The charming time of his musical career was over by 1990s. But Tam didn't give up and continued releasing his albums though he didn't get a good sales of them. Tam worked in many films including " Armour of God" with Jackie Chan and the uproarious movie "Master Wong v. Master Wong" which is a parody made on the life of legendary Canton kung fu exponent Wong Fei Hung. Tam received the Best Leading Award in the Golden Horse Film Awards for his film "If I were for real" in 1981.
After the demises of Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui in 2003, together with fellow artist Hacken Lee he left for a successful tour of Asia and both of them have worked together on many concerts up to 2006.
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