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Alan Gilbert was born on 11th September 1944. Presently he is working as Vice Chancellor of Manchester University. He did his Graduation from Australian National University in 1965; he did BA at his graduation level. After that he went to University of Papua New Guinea to do his MA in History in 1965 and completed the post graduation in 1967.From Nuffield College, Oxford he completed his D.Phil in 1973.

He started his career as a lecturer in University of New South Wales. It is this place where he gained a lot of academic reputation as an historian. There he worked on the social and relegious history of uk and Australia.

In 1981 at Faculty of Military Studies, he got appointed as a Proffesor of History. He became the Chair if the Faculty of Militiary Studies in 1982 and after that was appointed a Pro-Vice Chancellor of University of New South Wales. In 1990 Academy of Social Sciences in Australia elected him as its fellow. University of Tasmania appointed him as Vice Chancellor and Principal, at the same time university of Tasmania merged with Launceston CAE.
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In !996 Alan Gilbert became the Vice-Chancellor of University of Melbourne, here he also established and developed Melbourne University Private Limited, a private University simulatenously running with Melbourne University. The MUPL was a complete disaster and to save MUPL, University Council had to borrow about $150 million from a bank and had to agree to provide additional money. His tennure here was full of strikes by students and the staff members. There were a number of strikes During his working period in the University. The present Vice-Chancellor of Melbourne University has closed the MUPL as he feels there is no use of such Financial Venture.

Gilbert Left the University of Melbourne as he was appointed as the Vice chancellor of University of Manchester. University of Manchester was established in 2004 when it Victoria University of Manchester merged with UMIST. Here he has no plans for a private University. Gilbert want to make the university as a place which appears as a Power house of research to other Universities in the world. He want to develop and make this university as one of the top 25 universities in the world for research.

Accordind to the Universities future strategies which they call as Towards Manchestor in 2015, the university will have five Nobel Laureates two of whom will be full time permanent appointments and three of which would be appointed till 2007. Gilbert Says by investing heavily on world class people they want to make Manchester University the destination for the world's best students. They want their university to be a place where best students come and study. In their Agenda for 2015 they want impact of internationally pre-eminet researchers and research clusters on the scholarly culture of Manchester University.

At the time of University inaugaration Gilbert addressed the university and at that time it was made very clear by him that he feels the plans are completely achievable and also gave five key elements in transition from good to great.
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