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Al Stewart was born on September 5, 1945 in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a well known British songwriter and musician. He is preeminently recognized for his 1976 super hit single "Year of the Cat" and 1978 follow-up to it by the name "Time Passages", both were produced by Alan Parsons. Stewart's motivation for the songs that he writes comes from the past. So much so that indeed, he is attributed with creating his own genus in the music world called as, "historical folk rock".

Going on to the personal front Stewart was born in Scotland but went on to grow up in the beautiful coastal resort town of Bournemouth, Dorset. He went on to immigrate to the United States as his career started taking off in the middle of the 1970s. He still goes on to live in California in America. While the numbers of studio albums are now quite few and far amid, he has developed another of his traits that makes him still very popular with the crowds, touring the state. He still tours at length in the United States, and still spends much of his touring time in Europe. The recordings of this type of Stewart concerts are often made into videos and are available through his fan clubs through out the country.

Stewart's start was not exactly spectacular, not even something near it. His four early albums whipped only minor attention in the British music scene. However the fifth release by the name of- Past, Present and Future, was a considerable step towards what he was to achieve. It contained a long (9 min 46 secs) song "Nostradamus," a track in which he tied into the re-discovery of the so claimed fortune teller's writings by noting chosen predictions about the twentieth century populace and events. Although too long for significant market radio airplay at the time, it went on to become a hit on many US university radio stations, because they allowed the format of the song.
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May 11 Fri 9:00 PM Al Stewart The Canyon Santa Clarita
Valencia, CA
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May 12 Sat 7:00 PM Al Stewart Libbey Bowl
Ojai, CA
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May 15 Tue 8:00 PM Al Stewart Aladdin Theater
Portland, OR
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May 19 Sat 8:00 PM Al Stewart The Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA
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The awesome success of the songs "Year of the Cat" as well as "Time Passages" both of which are still managing to receive substantial radio airtime on the classic, rock, pop stations. Stewart managed to win the old folksong practice, which was singing about real events.

Stewart's work consists of albums such as: Bedsitter Images released in 1967, Love Chronicles in 1969, Zero She Flies in 1970, Orange in 1972, past, Present and Future in 1974, Modern Times in 1975, Year of the Cat 1976, The Early Years in year 1977 which was the best of the first 4 albums, Time Passages in 1978, Live/Indian Summer 1981, Russians and Americans in 1984, Last Days of the Century in 1988, Rhymes in Rooms in year 1992 which was his first live album, Famous Last Words in 1993, To Whom It May Concern in 1993, Between the Wars in 1995, Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time in 1996, Down in the Cellar in 2000, and A Beach Full of Shells in 2005.

He keeps on to rule the hearts of million and not anything would prevent anyone from missing his live show. So don't wait, book your tickets now, online booking available.
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