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Al Kooper is regarded as a giant of the music world of the 1960's. He was a great rock singer and not behind the likes of bob Dylan and Simpson. Kooper also was also a member and then a leader, of two most important groups, the Blues Project and the second Blood, Sweat & Tears. He later lost all these bands. Apart from the fact that he has previously made, and continues to create great music, it's the music world's loss that he is not better valued outside the ranks of his associate musicians.

Kooper was born in 1944, in Brooklyn, New York as the son of Sam and Natalie Kooper. As a young boy, he used to enjoy singing along with the Bessie Smith records that his father used to play, and these early musical records provided him introduction to blues and, gospel, R&B and soul, all of these sounds formed the basis for his own music later. Similarly significant, he revealed himself to be an innate musician- one day while he was sitting down in front of a piano; he started playing himself one of the tunes of the current hit of the early '50s, with out any prior training or understanding. He learned everything on his own, and took up the guitar also. Kooper's main interest initially during the 1950s was in gospel music. When rock & roll emerged, Kooper was attracted to the vocal side of this new form of music, and forming loose groups and singing it in his neighborhoods. He turned so called certified in the year 1959, joining the group of the Royal Teens (of the fame 'Short Shorts,' and 'Believe Me') as a lead guitarist. Near the beginning of '60s, he had begun scripting songs, and among one of his early efforts was 'I Must Be Seeing Things,' which went on to become a super hit for Gene Pitney.
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Kooper's biggest hit as a songwriter was in the year 1964, by means of a song that he had co-composed with Bob Brass and Irwin Levine named 'This Diamond Ring'. It was a number one for many weeks to go on many popular charts. Kooper went on to play as part of the group that backed Bob Dylan since he introduced electric music at the Newport Folk Festival in the year 1965. Kooper went on to play on scores of records, including The Rolling Stones, The Who, B.B. King, and Cream. On an occasion, he has even overdubbed his own efforts, as in The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper album; with his long time associate Michael Bloomfield. He was the producer of the first three albums of Lynyrd Skynyrd, whom he had discovered. Kooper also wrote the score for the hit TV series, Crime Story.

His latest release was the album black coffee. He remains to be remembered as a great guitarist of every time and this show of his is not to be missed for anything. So book your tickets now. Online booking now available.