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Al Gore or Albert Arnold a very very prominent figure in the political scene of the United States. Born on 31st March, 1948, he plays the multiple role of a politician, businessman, teacher, and environmentalist. He was the 45th Vice President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 in the Bill Clinton administration. Earlier he was a Representative and Senator from Tennessee. Gore fought for the post of president in the 2000 Presidential election fro the Democratic party. But he was defeated by George W. Bush of the Republican party in the Electoral College, getting 266 vote to 271 votes of Bush. For tickets to the speeches of Al Gore you can contact us.

Al Gore was born in Washington, D.C. to Albert A. Gore, Sr and Pauline LaFon Gore. His father was a former U.S. Senator from Tennessee while his mother among the first woman graduate from Vanderbilt Law School. Gore had had one elder sister, Nancy Gore Hunger but unfortunately she died in 1984 after suffering from lung cancer. He studied from the elite St. Albans School. In his senior class he stood at 25th position out of 50. In 1965 Al Gore enrolled himself at Harvard College where he graduated with a a Bachelor of Arts degree in government. He also attended religious studies courses at Vanderbilt and later entering the law school of the university. In 1976 he contented for an open seat in the 3rd Congressional District from Tennessee. He defeated
Stanley Rogers and later got his first Congressional post after no one contended against him. He was thrice re-elected in 1978, 1980 and 1982. In 1984 he won a seat in the Senate, after it was left vacant by Howard Baker, the Republican Majority Leader. Till acquiring the vice-president ship, Gore remained a Senator from Tennessee until 1993. While in Congress, Al Gore served as a member of many committees namely Commerce, Science and Transportation (National Ocean Policy Study; Communications; Consumer; Science, Technology and Space- chairman 1992; Surface Transportation;), Joint Economic Committee; and Rules and Administration, Joint Committee on Printing, Armed Services (Strategic Forces and Nuclear Deterrence, Defense Industry and Technology Projection Forces and Regional Defense).
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On 20th January, 1993 Al Gore became the 45th Vice President of the United States. Both Bill Clinton and Gore returned back to White House for the second term after winning the 1996 election. Many experts have called Al Gore among the most influential and active Vice President in the history of United States. This was evident as both Clinton and Gore had weekly lunches to keep each other informed about all the developments.
In 2000 Al Gore fought for the president ship. He had a very close fight with his opponent George W. Bush., the
Republican Governor of Texas. The results were so close that it took almost a month for resolving the result of the election. The problem rose due to the premature declaration of the winner on the election night itself followed by very close result from the state of Florida. On the election nigh, the news network first announced Al Gore as winner from Florida and later called Bush as the winner, both the times they retracted from that projection. But in the end Bush emerged as the winning candidate acquiring the president ship.

Gore today plays many roles at same time being, the president of TV channel Current, chairman of Generation Investment Management, an unofficial adviser to the senior management of Google and director of the Apple Computer. Gore's popularity today has dramatically increased. A Gallup poll released in the August of 2006, projects that almost half million Americans favor him.

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