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Akon is a hip hop artist whose entire career and life seems to be embroiled in controversy, with little information to support claims about his life that both he and others have made about him. The only thing that is for sure is that Akon tickets inspire his fans to go to great length to get them, whether he was born in 1981 or 1973 or if he has one wife or three or if he was born in Senegal or St. Louis.

The artist is known for not only his own work, but for his constant appearance singing hooks on other artists' tracks. Akon began his career in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Trouble. The album got off to a strong start that would eventually lead to platinum certification thanks to the infectious track Locked Up.

Since that album, Akon has been in the news, subject to rumor, and raking in the profits from Akon tickets, albums, and his many other investments (including a diamond mine in South Africa). The time has not come without its share of tragedy. In December 2005 his manager, Robert Montanez, was shot and killed in New Jersey.

The artist's second album, Konvicted was released nearly a year later on November 14, 2006. Other big names in the world of rap and hip hop contributed appearances for the album. Notably Eminem was featured on the hit single Smack That and Snoop Dog was featured on I Wanna Love You. Akon again found success at the stores, going on to triple platinum certification and reaching number two on the charts, and dominated on the road, selling countless Akon concert tickets.
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The album had two number one singles, I Wanna Love You and Don't Matter, and a number two single, Smack That. The other two singles from the album had mixed results. Sorry, Blame It on Me peaked at number seven but Mama Africa failed to chart. Either way Akon had created another successful album and avoided the trap musicians often fall into with their second album.

During the time between the release of Konvicted and Freedom, he managed to do more than just impress his fans that purchased Akon tickets for his tour. He also earned a nod from the Grammy Awards, receiving a nomination for Best Rap.Sung Collaboration for Smakc That. He would lose that award at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards to Justin Timberlake and T.I.'s My Love. Akon also attracted negative attention for racy dancing with a 15-year-old preacher's daughter at one of his concerts in 2007. That same year he threw a fan off stage, though he claimed the incident was a publicity stunt.

Akon persevered and released the album Freedom in 2008. The two initial singles, Right Now and I'm So Paid (Na Na Na) once again had mixed results. Right Now peaked at a respectable number eight spot on the charts while I'm So Paid only reached number 31. Akon tickets continued to sell, though his album sales have been underwhelming.

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