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Air This Side of Caution has a forward looking musical vision that consists of the likes of Radiohead, Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins and other like-minded artists. Even they feel that songwriting is preceding the rock stardom in one way or the other.

The Band that is least worried about the hook, makes their melodies catchy enough to gain he top chart positions in the most mainstream radio. The come as a live band in each of their performances and tend to bypass pre-formulated stage theatrics. With their energized performance, they allow even the most jaded music goers emphatically cheer for an encore.

If one wants to describe about the Air this Side of Caution, it would be the best o define the band as a right blend of honest musicianship synergized with the emotional lyrics, intelligent songwriting and energetic and truthful delivery. The foursome rightly produce the music in the best of their form in all genres be it the rock, pop, soul, punk, indie, or experimental.

Air This Side of Caution has touched new heights with their endeavours from the time they exploded into musical arena in 2001. They raised themselves to new levels, both in musical and professional arena. The band is constantly looking for more with their ever-growing fan base throughout the Midwest, they also have a numerous sold-out shows at several Chicago's premiere venues.

Last year, Air This Side of Caution came live on WGN-TV and also at CLTV's popular show MetroMix. Their album The Unbearable Lightness of Being is still being sold like hot cakes in many parts of Chicago that proves their popularity in that arena.
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Air this side of caution, is a musical band based in Chicago that is making waves in the musical arena by bringing in a fresh fervour in the music through constant experimentation.

As the mutation in the DNA makes distant appearances and helps the humans survive, so is the music of this band that has been constantly evolving to give the best to the fans.

The band is known to be bringing in shifts in the musical foundation by creating ripples down the musical arena in the form of their superhits like Radiohead, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pink Floyd, and Jeff Buckley. Their music has literally revolutionalised the Chicago musical scene.

The band made their grounding in the musical arena in the year 2001. The band consisted of JohnRaine, JKid, Dan, and Lucas who all worked together in unison to bring in an ultimate sense of musical satisfaction for their fans. It was in the year 2002 that the band came up with their debut album, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. There was no looking back or the band after the release of their debit album and they were seen gaining constant success through their EP Things Just Fall Apart in 2005.

ATSoC most influenced with the Indie Rock genre. Their sound has morphed off the musical landscape of Chicago. Recently, they association on stage with the big groups like OK GO, DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, Galactic, The Webb Brothers, and Assassins and Bon Jovi and Jon Mellencamp shot them to instant fame and made their fans list go longer.

The band has plans to release their next album, Nature Will Turn On Us on November 18 at Martyrs in Chicago.

Air This Side of Caution has everything hidden inside it. Take the name of anything like rock, pop star divas, watered-down punk, funky stars and what not and it has all in everything with the right blend that makes their music popular.
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