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Against Me! began as just Tom Gabel, an acoustic guitar, and 16 year old angst. His first tape became the namesake for the band. He would join forces with a drummer and bassist to form a complete band and released the new album Vivida Vis! It was perhaps this album that added the explanation point to the band's name. The album has become lore with fans, but even Gabel admits that it was not very successful and its group of fans numbered about 10.

It was actually Reinventing Axl Rose in 2001 when the group took a more punk approach that began to sell Against Me tickets. Gabel played guitar and Kevin Mahon played the drums and the future seemed to look much brighter. They joined independent label Plan-It-X Records and began sell tickets. This was the first of many indie labels to help the group and the lineup was one of many before the group found some stability with Gabel, Andrew Seward, James Bowman, and Warren Oakes.

Their second full-length album, As the Eternal Cowboy moved the group even closer to punk as electric instruments finally found a place in the group. The long road to mass popularity came with Searching for a Former Clarity in 2005. It was perhaps the appearance on Conan O'Brien on September 30 that year that announced to the world that Against Me! was here to sell tickets, albums, and go on tour for a pretty good living.
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Some fans felt that the move to Sire Records was a sellout move, but the move enabled the group to schedule many more concerts on tour and make a bigger name for themselves in the music industry. The years after followed with the release of the groups first live album, Americans Abroad!!, and their official debut album, New Wave. The group has since found acclaim with Rolling Stone and has been on tickets supporting the Foo Fighters.

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