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Six studio albums, two compilation albums, and five EPs. This is not a complete sentence and it hardly seems a complete resume for a group as influential and as beloved as the Afghan Whigs, a group active since the middle of the 1980s. Sure there have been a pair of five-year hiatuses in the 21st century, but it still seems an underwhelming number of recorded material for a group credited to with transcending grunge and alternative and one whose Afghan Whigs tickets are currently killing on a reunion tour just below the level of the national cognoscente.

Yet, this lack of material is deemed Ok by the influential music critics and performers. In fact, the lack of actual new material is celebrated as the Afghan Whigs are praised for proving a dominant group capable of owning any song from any genre. The most recent example of this is the cover of Frank Ocean’s LoveCrimes. Greg Dulli, John Curley, Rick McCollum, Cullly Symington, rick Nelson, and Dave Rosser do outnumber the lone hip hop master, but they are able to turn the controversial hip hop number into an incredible grunge number with little effort.

The Afghan Whigs simply rock and they will continue to do so as they become a passé or a point of pride for hipsters searching for a reference to trump all others. Of course, it is hard not to revel in the tumultuous 15 years between the origination of the band in 1986 and the first break up in 2001. Always dark, lead singer and frontman has always worn his emotions on his sleeves and has indulged the audience in dark lyrics, sometimes humorous and sometimes just dramatic. He is a man aware of the mass of gray of morality and truth in the world and he has shown no fear in forging new songs in such spirit.

Afghan Whigs tickets for the 2012 concert season are a great chance to see the group perform a great deal of new material. Instead a few covers will be mixed in with “Gentlemen”, “Debonair”, and “Honkey’s Ladder”. Obviously, the group, now reunited for something more than a one-off live performance, is back with as much glorious doubt in troubling times, making beautiful music apt for the days ahead.

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