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Aesop Rock are a hip-hop band who have built their style on the music Kool Keith and Del tha Funkee Homosapien. They were considered one of the notable MCs in the underground scene. In the beginning Aesop Pop issued some LPs like, "Appleseed" and "Music for Earthworms." They went on to record "Float" in 2000 for Mush. The album contained some singles from Ian Bavitz, these included "Boom Box" and "Coma." These singles were recorded for the popular underground rap label Definitive Jux.

According to BOSTON HERALD, "Listening to Aesop Rock is like taking your brain on a futuristic urban hell-ride through pop culture. A brilliantly twisted journey into his psychotic abyss, 'Bazooka Tooth' mesmerizes with its astounding wordplay and constantly morphing beats, building on the underground hip-hop icon's burgeoning legend."
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The band issues their second full length album "Labor Days" in 2001. The album was a commercial success and also earned the group great reviews. PAPER MAGAZINE said, "Bazooka Tooth's music is mainly his own, and his densely layered squiggles, samples and hardcore percussion are the aural equivalent of graffiti. Never mind that he's got a tongue like the subway's electrified rail and packs more sweet poetry into the album's empty spaces that the L train at rush hour."

Aesop Rock released the EP "The Daylight" and kept the name on the music charts. In September 2003, Aesop Rock issued "Bazooka Tooth." This release was followed by "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives" in early 2005. Catch Aesop Rock performing live, get your tickets at the earliest from your on-line ticket vendor.

Discography -

Fast Cars, Danger, Fire - 2005
Bazooka Tooth -2003
Daylight EP - 2002
Labor Days -2001
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