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Are they America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band, the Bad Boys from Boston, or something more as they continue to play well into the 21st century? Aerosmith may just be something more than America’s greatest rock band, as they are now rocking out to sold out crowds on an international scale. The group can hardly claim to represent Boston either, as they have long seemed more the Los Angeles types, at least ever since Steven Tyler took a place on American Idol. Those who cannot wait to get their hands on Aerosmith tickets are just happy the band survived the 1980s, the almost break up in the first decade of the 21st century.

In 2012 they have been busy with the Global Warming Tour, a concert schedule that took them through the United States in the summer through the fall. The tour is not one built around a the long-standing hits with a few new tracks thrown in so the audience does not feel like they are catching a concert from the 1980s. In other words, when Aerosmith takes the stage with Cheap Trick they are taking the stage to rock everyone’s world as a band moving forward with their careers, not one looking back to boost the retirement fund or pay for the grandkids college education.

This new album being featured on the fall tour is from Music from Another Dimension. This is the first completely new album in more than a decade. Tyler is the frontman, as always, but Joe Perry shines as the album jumps from blues rock to punk to soul. He can play any genre and his low-key demeanor balances the album and the live show, where Tyler is peacocking with intriguing plumage. Basically, this album is a worthy effort for a group already considered legendary and the tour is going to a show worthy of a full-fledged audience chorus for songs like “Freedom Fighter” and “Out Go the Lights”.


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The group has been together for 41 years, founded in 1969 when Steven Tyler decided to combine his band, Chain Reaction, with Jam Band, Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry's band. Of course, the new band, Aerosmith, had its share of casualties since it combined two groups. The initial lineup ended up being Tyler singing lead, Joe Perry on lead guitar and singing back up, Ray Tabano on rhythm guitar, Tom Hamilton on bass, and Joey Kramer on drums.

The first step to Aerosmith's success came with a management deal with David Krebs and Steve Leber in 1972. Krebs and Leber famously invited Clive Davis, the Columbia Records president, at the New York City club Max's Kansas City. The resulting deal led to a debut album released in 1973. The self-titled album only reached number 21 on the Billboard 200 and went platinum twice.

Aerosmith suffered a bit of a sophomore slump with Get Your Wings in 1974. Still, despite the lack of a decent chart position peak, it still sold three times platinum. In 1975 Toys in the Attic became the group's biggest album to date. It went eight times platinum and peaked just outside the top ten on the Billboard 200. Aerosmith finished the1970s with three strong albums ñ Rocks (1976), Draw the Line (1977), and Night in the Ruts (1979) ñ capped off an incredible decade with incredible album sales and very decent peak positions in the cheats.

Where the 1970s were a great beginning, the 1980s brought about changes and a slew of slumps. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford (the rhythm guitarist who replaced Tabano) left the group in 1979 and 1981. Aerosmith replaced Perry with Jimmy Crespo and Whitford with Rick Dufay. The next two albums, Rock in a Hard Place (1982) and Done with Mirrors (1985), failed to reach platinum and forgettable chart positions.

Then, in 1986, just as the end seemed near, Run DMC made music history, combined a classic rock track with rap, then an up-and-coming mainstream music genre, and made Aerosmith relevant again. Aerosmith's popularity soared, as evident by the five-time platinum album Permanent Vacation released just a year later on August 18, 1987.

Of course, it helped when Perry and Whitford returned to the band, and re-established the original lineup, a lineup that has been touring and selling Aerosmith tickets ever since. The 1989 album Pump and 1993 album Get a Grip reaffirmed Aerosmith's place at the top of hard rock hierarchy. Since these two albums, the group has released three new albums, but they have been far more popular in concert. OnlineSeats will have Aerosmith tickets for this latest tour.

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