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Addicted to Love is a play that exposes the addiction of one man and his eventual realization that his home and life are incomplete without a good woman. The play's star cast includes, Chico Debarge, Ann Nesby, Ali Woodson and Derrick Brinkl.

Jimmy cares and love his wife and children dearly. But he has an addiction to Gambling. This addiction causes him loose everything that he has including his integrity. He has continuous quarrels with his wife, Cheryl regarding this problem. In one such fight, she storms out of the house, only to be killed in a Car accident. The incident brings Jimmy's life to a standstill. His son Paebo refuses to acknowledge his mother's absence and Michale blames God for his pains and refuses to preach again.
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Chery's father suffers from Alzheimer's disease and often forgets that his daughter has passed away. Margret, Cheryl's mother is the only sane member left in the family and work diligently to keep it together. Jimmy eventually understands that a good woman makes the most difference in a home. Catch this moving play, contact your on-line ticket vendor and get your tickets.
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