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Adam's musical journey began in the real sense, when he moved to Atlanta on the advice of a close friend. Thereafter, he embarked on a busy schedule by co-founding a band. He also got selected to tour with another band gaining much exposure in the process. His association with saxophonist Joe Maneri proved to be extremely fruitful. Their joint performances were much appreciated. Adam was greatly influenced by Maneri's approach to music. In collaboration with other talented artists, namely: Arto Artinian (flautist), Jonathan Vincent (pianist), Katt Hernandez (violinist), and Aaron Trant (drummer), Adam released his debut album tilted âââ€?¬ËÅ"Unify' in 2002. The album was well received. Adam's innovative approach to rock music brought him rave reviews. Adam's solo performances are quite popular because his solo compositions are a fine blend of pop, jazz, funk, and rock. Adam's passion for music and his flare for innovation come across best during his solo concerts. Playing just one guitar, he is able to create the effect of a band playing together.

Watching this gifted artist play his enthralling compositions is a treat for music lovers. His concerts have gained immense popularity since the release of his debut album. He is scheduled to perform live shortly but tickets shall not be easy to find. If you wish to get the tickets of your choice in a hassle-free manner, contact your online vendor now!

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Classical music is in his genes and he grew up listening to jazz music. Because of his strong musical background he is equipped to perfect any form of music. He chose rock music as his career and when you watch his captivating live performances, you get the feeling that his decision was rock music's gain, to say the least. He performs with other musical groups as well as solo. But his solo performances are extra special. While performing solo, he turns into a one-man band by creating multiple effects/sounds with just one guitar. As you watch and listen in wonder, he elates your mood with his brilliant compositions. His concerts are going to be held shortly. Make sure you book your tickets online well in advance. Else you will miss out on the musical bonanza.

Adam was born and grew up in an atmosphere saturated with music. His father was a jazz pianist and drummer and his mother used to play violin. He spent his childhood listening to classical and jazz music. After listening to âââ€?¬ËÅ"Nevermind,' an album cut by Nirvana, he was smitten by its music and decided to learn bass and guitar to be able to play the rock songs. To give vent to his obsession for rock music, he played in a couple of bands in school and began writing songs. Enthused by his initial success, he formed a band called âââ€?¬ËÅ"Crimson Shift.' While studying for a degree as a classical guitarist at the University of Illinois, he also honed his skills playing jazz. He developed a friendship with Arto Artinian who would join him in cutting their debut album in future. Taking a year off after graduation, he worked in isolation composing some songs that he would use in future records.
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