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"Acoustic Alchemy" is a Jazz band formed in early 80's. There are a British smooth jazz and modern instrumental band. The band was formed by Acoustic guitarists Simon James and Nick Webb. At the time when this band was launched, the British music scene was dominated by Americans. When the two guitarists came out with their music, they got great reviews as their music was fresh and original. The band also got support from established acts like the Violettes.

In the mid 80s, Simon James left the band and was replaced by Carmichael. The band got a deal to play as the in-flight band of airline, Virgin Atlantic. The two also recorded some demo numbers and sent them to major label MCA. The band got a rather quick response, just six months later the band were signing their first contract. The duo issued their maiden album, "Red Dust and Spanish Lace" in 1987. The band expanded when Bert Smaak and Mario Argandona got associated with the band. It was during the recording their album that they encountered sound engineer Klaus Genuit.
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The band's next album was an hit and included the smash single, "Mr. Chow." The album has other hit numbers like, "The Stone Circle." The band continued releasing album in the following years namely "Natural Elements" in 1988 and "Blue Chip" in 1989. The band ended their association with MCA and signed up with GRP Records, the biggest jazz label in the world. Acoustic Alchemy released their their eighth album "Arcanum" in 1996. The band's next album came in 1998 and was titled, "Positive Thinking." This was also their last album with Nick Webb. Webb was suffering from cancer and could not continue. I

Webb passed away on February 5, 1998. Positive Thinking is considered their bets album to date. The band continued to play and added Miles Gilderdale to their line up. They also switched labels to Higher Octave Music. They issued their first album in this label titled, "The Beautiful Game." In 2001, the band issued, "AArt." and it proved to be their biggest hit to date. The band were nominated for the Grammies in 2003 for their album, "Radio Contact." The group's latest album is, "American/English" which was released in 2005 Catch these guys performing live, just collect your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor.


American/English - 2005
Radio Contact - 2003
No Messin' - 2003
Sounds Of St. Lucia - 2003
Aart - 2001
The Beautiful Game - 2000
Positive Thinking... - 1998
Arcanum - 1996
Natural Elements - 1995
Blue Chip - 1995
Against The Grain - 1994
The New Edge - 1993
Early Alchemy - 1992
Back On The Case - 1991
Reference Point - 1991
Blue Chip - 1989
Natural Elements - 1988
Red Dust & Spanish Lace - 1987
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