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In 1958 in Pensacola, FL, Aaron Tippin was born, and right away began singing to pass time while doing chores. He started playing guitar at age ten and during his young adult life he studied to ecome a commercial airline pilot. He was convinced however to return back to the music scene when the airline industry started going downill. Until he broke through, Tippin began writing songs and playing in the local honky tonk circuit. In 1986, he moved to Nahville and landed a job as a staff songwriter at the Acuff-Rose fim. His songs were recorded by many well known artists. RCA signed Tippin with a recording contract in 1990 when they heard his demo. You've Got to Stand for Something, his debut album, was released a year later and became a top ten hit. Bob Hope invited Tippin to join him on his USO tour. His high-voltage, action-packed shows draw a wide fan demographic. Everyone from children to grandparents come to see his electrifying performances. Aaron sold about a million copies of his next album Read Between the Lines, in 1992. The hits came regularly.
"There Ain't Nothing Wrong with the Radio," a song about a car that became a country anthem, soared to No.1, and cemented Aaron's relationship with fans everywhere. In the next three years, Aaron recorded two more albums, The Call of the Wild in 1993, and Tool Box in 1995. Both failed to generate the amount of success he had experienced with the previous album. Due to this, Aaron and RCA parted ways. Tippin was signed to Lyric Street Records and co-produced hi label debut, What This Country Needs. In 2000, he followed up with People like Us, and it became the first album he recorded to make the country top five. Aaron has become one of country music's biggest stars with his hard-edged twang being one of the more distinctive sounds in today's country music.
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