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This summer 98 Degrees is out on tour as opening act for New Kids on the Block, along with Boyz II Men. Called The Package Tour, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy 98 Degrees tickets for the quartet’s reunion and a chance to see three groups that represented boy band music for two decades from the middle of the 1980s to the middle of the first decade of the 21st century.

In addition to the tour, 98 Degrees has a new album, 2.0. This is not an album released simply for the sake of making a little extra money or to create an excuse to perform live again. This is an album meant to feature four men who have strived to grow and expand as musicians. The first effort from this new age of 98 Degrees will be “Microphone”.  The single is going to lead into the tour this summer, when the band plays 48 shows.

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The group 98 Degrees is a rare boy band to have emerged in the middle of the 1990s. Not only did the band manage to keep all of its original members from the start, but the four singers made an effort to veer away from bubble gum pop, embracing more R&B influences. The result has been a quartet that enjoyed a terrific run from 1997 to the beginning of the 21st century, after which 98 Degrees tickets would remain unavailable until 2012.

All this began with one man, Jeff Timmons. Timmons had been attending Kent State University until singing with three friends one night and eliciting thrills from the girls in the crowd. The next day he left for Los Angeles. There he met a fellow relocated Ohio native. He turned him onto Nick Lachey, who was still in college back in Ohio at Miami University. Lachey too left college and the recruited friend Justin Jeffre and brother Drew to relocate from Ohio and New York City to Los Angeles.

They became 98 degrees, one of the few boy bands to emerge organically and not manufactured by a label executive or producer. One of the disadvantages of not being manufactured is that the group does not have any contacts. This meant 98 degrees took on odd jobs before finally finding a way onto R&B star Montell Jordan’s tour as the opening act. After signing with Jordan’s manager, who signed the group to tour, the band finally had some traction.

This traction resulted in the self-titled debut album, which made a decent impact in the United States but dominated in Canada. 98 Degrees and Rising, the second studio album, made the group a huge hit in their home country. The singles “Because of You”, “The Hardest Thing”, and “I Do (Cherish You)” were major hits in the States and meant the group had become almost household names.

The boy band phase waned in the 21st century, and 98 degrees struggled. But, with the boy band demand back in full force and their former fans ready to enjoy a little nostalgia, the group has reunited and is even recording new material.

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