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7th plague is known to be a heavy metal music group from Streetsboro, Ohio which later on went famous with a name of Forever In Terror.

The story for the formation of this group is quite interesting as total of five friends came together under one umbrella to share their talents on a common platform. It was over three years ago when this nascent group marked into presence in the musical arena in Streetsboro, Ohio about 30 miles outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

The key member of the band is drummer Nick Borukhovsky. On looking at their popularity going by leaps and bounds, the band members changed their names between 2003 – 2006. Their lineup, on the basis of present timings, includes Nate Marti who gained wide populace for playing rhythm guitar, Josh Owen for playing bass and Nick Borukhovsky for playing drums, Chris Bianchi who is known to be a renowned vocalist and Johnny Burke who is a lead guitarist.

The group members have been active from the year 2003 to the present. They have been playing the music in the genre Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal and Death Metal. The Band has been releasing their musical albums under the banner of Metal Blade Records.

The first demo was released in August, 2005, under the 7th Plague name. Earlier, it was available at any of their shows, however, later on, it was available online Via Borukovsky's own address. It was featuring three tracks. One of these tracks also included hidden track that ran for approximately 28 minutes.

However, later on, they had to re-release the Demo CD with name change. They have plans to make it a big in the year 2007 with their new album, Restless in the Tides, that is, scheduled to be released on June 12, 2007.

There was a jinx making rounds for the name of the bands. It seemed that something had plagued Forever In Terror in the form of their name. No matter which band they took and at which time, the other bands were there to steal the name. It was after months of searching that the name of 7th plague was selected. But again some problem appeared. Again when the band was notified, they had to change their name again. What comes as a surprise is that none of the band members remember any of the names as the names were changed at a real high frequency.
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Talent never goes unnoticed. This adage went true in the case of Seventh Plague as their talent caught immediate attention of a renowned band, Concert Promotions and Band Management firm Hardcore Marketing, Inc. HM in the year 2004 after the Band caught the attention of several small local shows. Putting credibility to their talent, HM, Inc asked the band to exploit their talents in Cleveland, The Odeon Concert Club. After staging the show, they became an instant fan favorite with New Wave of American Heavy Metal stylings. Their young age brought immediate recognition for them. The band made grand openings for gala shows comprising big names in NWOAHM like Machine Head, Unearth, Trivium, God Forbid, All That Remains, DevilDriver, Meshuggah, Mushroomhead, etc. The Band received the highest honour for their life as they were asked to open for Chimaira, Cleveland home town legends Chimaira.

It was somewhere in the month of October of 2005 when the members of 7th Plague came to know that Metal Blade Records was forwarding an offer in on the band. Looking at the better prospects, the band accepted the offer from Metal Blade in January 2006.
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