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56 Hope Road played 219 shows in 2005, 217 and 2006 and a current average of 20 shows a month. 56 Hope Road has rightfully earned the title of #1 road warrior out of 12,000 other bands who compete for their engaging and continuous touring and live performances, given by Online Music resource www.jambase.com. 56 Hope Road mixes and produces their own records on their own independent label Albino Deer Records viz All Points Connect (2002), Drop it all(2004) and Once in our lives (2006),

'Once in our Lives', their first record was released in October 2005. it has tracks from the previous years when they performed at concerts through out the nation. Their no-nonsense, non-gimmicky style is instrumental in their success, alongside their accessible, sunny nature. The mood created by their music is relaxed, sunny, folk festival like. Songs like 'New Philosophy,' 'Love Revolution,' and 'Soul Song' will leave you cheerful and humming or cheerful and optimistic. Their fan base has grown with larger numbers piling in their concerts, sharing live sets from the band's URL and spreading the word-to-mouth buzz of 56, Hope Road amongst family, friends and community. In an era where the music industry is led by avarice-ridden corporates, Lattimore is still in tune to old-school R & B. He may not enjoy the success of his popstar contemporaries. However, his critics appreciate him and his fans will always buy tickets to see his perform.

They are back on the road yet again touring their way to their hometown of Chicago. With their constant touring, they might be passing your town next. So, hurry up and book their tickets soon for a truly mood-enriching, spirit-enhancing experience. They look forward to jamming with you.
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56 Hope Road is a refreshing and enlightening change from the other mainstream, run-of-the-mill artists who care more for ticket sales than the sound they create. The band continually tour the country to spread the word of optimism ala their hero and reason they picked the peculiar name. After all, 56 Hope Road is an homage to Bob Marley as this is where his museum now stands and once his house was. The group is made up of two lead singers, Dave Hamilton ,Steve Goveia, Sanders, Carter and Bolser who ensure there is not a dull moment in the vocal and lyrics department, percussionist Matt Katzfey, electric guitarist Chris Corsale, drummer Greg Fundis, bassist Chad Sanders and sole female Anne Katzfey.

Each artist have dabbled in different genres with different musicians before they all came to be this force. Now based in Chicago, IL they have displayed powerful songwriting, funk, jazz, improvisation, tight vocal harmonies and an overall clean sound that transcends demographics. lbino Almost after forming, an extraordinary buzz developed. Their live shows have garnered cult-status and their drummer a hero's stature. Such is the magic of their simple melodies.
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