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Albeit going different ways, in October 31, 2006, they released 'The Last Dance' with Crash Music Inc. This record features nine unreleased tracks, alongside a DVD with footage of the group's last performance at the Starland Ballroom. The band's reunion is still uncertain despite performing and recording together. Guitarist Joey confirmed it was all to promote 'The Last Dance'. The band hasn't given a definite no or yes to the fans whether they will come back together or not. However, they might team up for an album in the future.

With Crash Music Inc, they will be independently releasing their Rain EP in mid-2007. They have never forgotten the people who constantly supported them in all their ups and downs- the fans. It is through the word-of-mouth buzz created by the fans that have led to their staggering increase in popularity. The originality in their songs and music is addictive to fans through out.

After purchasing tickets for their concert, be ready to go through a musical journey ranging from Heavy metal to melodious and everything in between. Be it an underground gig or a football stadium, the fans trust them to never disappoint be it any song and performance.

Guitarist Jordan Plingos summed it best . 'It's a big journey through life, It's a lot of real-life issues, a lot of real-life feelings. Some of the songs are about feeling miserable, some of them are about being positive and going out and having a good time.' Isnt that what life is all about?
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From their beginning, 40 below summer has had a niche fan-following who loyally buy their tickets every time they perform. Their edgy, heavy rock, in-your-face lyrics follows the trail left by other Metal greats. Carlos Aguilar, 40 Below Summer's Peruvian drummer already played in a band 'Alien' and Vocalist Max Illidge, who performed at Broadway at the tender age of twelve and also was the little boy in the legendary 'Burning down the House' video of talking Heads met In 1998; the duo was later joined by Joey D'Amico , Jordan Plingos and Hector Graziani. Four guys in their early twenties, one electric performance after the other. Completing the lineup the band started playing gigs in New Jersey and New York and eventually made their first demo 'Sideshow Freaks'. The record reached the ears of No Name Management, who invited the band to sign up immediately.'The name means opposites,' says Plingos. 'And that's what we do: we'll take absolutely brutal and heavy and put it in the same song as pretty and beautiful. We're not a one-dimensional band at all. Our music says that and our name says that.' The varied roots of the band mates has played a part in their songs being multi-dimensional and hard to classify. Further adding more color to each track.

On October 16, 2001 they released their debut album, 'Invitation to the Dance' with major label London-Sire records. Months after the release, their label shut down. However, Warner Music saved the day by re-releasing the album. Without the backing of a label, the release of their next album delayed. However, after a performance in February 2003, Razor & Tie Records, a major label, signed up with them. On October 28, 2003 they released their sophomore album, 'The Mourning after'. The video of 'Self-Medicate' from this album aired frequently on music channels. Unfortunately the label dropped them in 2004. Soon after, with Carlos and Jordan's decision to leave, the group split
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