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Before signing up with Roadrunner Records 36 Crazyfists released two EPs and one LP independently. 'Boss Buckle', their first EP was released in 1995 after which came their second EP, 'Suffer Tree'. Ttheir first LP, 'In the Skin' was released in 1997. Roadrunner Records signed the boys of 36 Crazyfists in 2002. 'Bitterness the Star', their debut album was released on April 4, 2002. This album was produced by Eddie Wohl. The boys went on a national promotional tour for the album with God Forbid, Diecast, Candiria and Hotwire. After finishng the tour, they were headed on tour again for the European Road Rage Tour with Five Pointe 0and Killswitch Engage.

March 16, 2004 saw 36 Crazyfists' sophomore effort, 'A Snow capped romance'. Produced by James Paul Wisner, this too was also released under the label of Roadrunner Records. Surprising for a metal band, they covered Cat Stevens's 'Sad Lisa'. Their music has been described as the perfect mix of speed and catchiness. A Snow Capped Romance is a very good album, and this band's performance is incredible. If you want some heavy metal that is unique and uplifting, this album is for you.

The sound of 36 Crazyfists plainly put is similar to Deftones, Glassjaw, Lostprophets, Blindside or any other really good metal/screamo acts. Pick their albums up, beginning with their debut, because it is a must have not only for metal fans but music lovers in general.
In 2006, they released 'Rest inside the Flames', with Roadrunner records. This time, it was produced by Sal Villaneuva.

All in all, the band's guitar riffs are great, the drumming is intense, the bass backs up well but the gem is the vocals. Lindow has the ability to quickly change intense screams to clean vocals while maintaining a unique twinge to it. Buy tickets and watch this rare metalcore band that stands out from the now seething mass of same-sounding breakdowns that are flooding the metal scene.
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The metalheads of 36 Crazyfists have moved to Portland all for your listening and viewing pleasure. 36 Crazyfists has the distinction of satiating both album and concert tickets buyers in essence they are a metal band with a message; that of optimism, positivity and to look beyond the negative.

The band came into being on December 1994. The original line up had Brock Lindow on vocals, Steve Holt on guitars, JD Stuart on bass and Thomas Noonan on drums made up the original line-up. The name comes from a Jackie Chan movie, To overcome the death of their initial bassist and history and make a place in the music industry, 36 Crazyfists moved from Alaska to Portland, Oregon. Opening shows for different bands like System of a Down, Primus, Blink-182 and NOFX they befriended propulsive trash band 'Skinlab', who passed their demo to the execs at Roadrunner Records. Eventually, Mick Whitney joined the band as bassist.
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